Animal protein producers in Middle Eastern and African countries will gain a new trade fair geared specifically to their needs: VIV MEA. We are set to pouring our valuable network into making VIV MEA the specialist Feed to Food show serving the poultry, aquaculture and dairy industries in the Middle East/Africa region.
Middle East and North Africa
Our primary target zone of countries in the Middle East and North Africa is seeing a rapid development of their animal protein capability because they want to produce food and not just import it. Their whole food economy is moving ahead at a fast pace and the investments in the region are increasing all the time.
Co-location VIV MEA and
GFIA 2016
VIV MEA and GFIA 2016 co-locate to deliver the largest events on sustainable agriculture innovations in the Middle East. VIV MEA is held from February 15 - 17, 2016 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi.