Made-to-measure systems and services by Marel Poultry

In Arabian and East-African countries, urbanization is growing. It is a great challenge to feed all people in the cities, who have more and more specific demands about the food they eat. This offers great opportunites for local processing plants. “No matter the desired capacity, be it 1,000 or 15,000 broilers per hour, processors can always turn to Marel Poultry for made-to-measure systems and services with just the appropriate level of automation”, says Marel industry sales manager Ernst Kah. 

Trends that Marel Poultry sees in the Middle East and East Africa are among other things a shift from water chilled to air chilled poultry products and the consumer tendency to buy more retail products. Consumers are moving away from the traditional (frozen) whole chicken product. “Looking for convenience, they tend to buy increasingly more cut-up chicken pieces in a tray, ready to cook. Producers can benefit from Marel Poultry’s wide variety of solutions for getting the highest quality products in the highest quality trays, such as MultiHead Weighers, SmartLine Graders and RoboBatchers.”

Responding to this, Marel Poultry will have the TargetBatcher on display during VIV MEA. “That is a system that can have many useful applications in the Middle East. It can be used to reduce giveaway to an absolute minimum when packing fixed-weight styled trays”, says Kah about one of the things they want to show the visitors at the Marel booth.

During VIV MEA 2020 Marel Poultry will have plenty of professionals on board to inform visitors  about all advanced technologies in poultry processing for the Arab and African markets. “Feel free to address your questions to our experts”, Kah concludes.

Meet Marel at VIV MEA 2020.