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About Kemin

We are a trusted market leader in the animal feed, beef, dairy, and poultry industries. Our research and innovations help grow our customers’ bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. Together, Kemin’s industry-leading solutions improve and strengthen safety throughout various stages of the global food chain.

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Our expert team is always available for advice and farm visits. We help you with the tailor-made solutions. We have a large network of global (external) experts, that has a lot of experience in the poultry industry, Our Customer Lab Service (CLS) perform multiple analyses, from quick rapid on-farm tests to lab tests.


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Providing products that enhance the health and performance of livestock and poultry is one of kemin’s main priorities. Our offerings include feed additives, nutritional solutions, and technologies aimed at improving animal well-being while increasing the efficiency of animal production.


Meet the experts

Meet our technical services team, located across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (Emena), offers dedicated and specialized support at your specific location — and when you need it most. We look at your needs and challenges and, together with our academic and scientific insights, we compile practical, impactful solutions.