Food Safety Testing Market Growth, Market Insights and Forecast to 2025

November 21, 2019
The Global Food Safety Testing Market expected to reach US$ 24,634.9 Mn by 2025 and increasing at a significant growth rate over the forecast years 2019-2025 owing to surge in prevalence of foodborne diseases across the globe.
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Step-by-step guide to improve your water quality

October 29, 2019
Checking and improving water quality on a farm is a very important management measure.Clean and fresh water is fundamental to successful animal production. In poultry, inadequate water intake may lead to reduced feed intake and growth rate. 
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A New Type Of Feed Cooling Machine Counter Flow Cooler

November 20, 2019
The cooling of the pellet is an indispensable process in the feed pellet machine granulation. Counter flow cooler can cool the pelleting material from feed pellet machine up to 70℃ ~ 90℃ to a little higher than room temperature 3℃ ~ 5℃.
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OneWelfare: animal welfare in a broader context

October 17, 2019
Animal welfare is not just a matter of raising animals in a friendly way. There’s a much broader context. Human wellbeing, consumer demands on animal welfare and the impact on the environment are important parameters as well.
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Connection among two dissimilar fields, Data Science & Poultry Industry

September 2, 2019
You have taken noticed rightly that Poultry is altogether a different field from the technological point of view and it is usually associated with eggs & chickens. One can wonder how this field can be linked..
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Gene Technology at the Frontiers of Disease Prevention

March 3, 2019
The global animal vaccine market is estimated to have surpassed 10 billion US dollars in 2015, and is looking up to break 20 billion US dollars by 2025. 

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