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Meet us at VIV MEA 2023
Booth 07.D007

Think ahead with poultry people

At Vencomatic Group, we are on a mission to make poultry husbandry sustainable. We seek to balance the operation of a successful business with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while trying to achieve the highest animal welfare levels. We always, develop our products based on a thorough understanding of the bird, her well-being, and her eggs.

Automation in the primary process

Our unique solutions are supporting the entire ‘Egg Way’ for layers, breeders, broilers, and hatcheries. Think of poultry housing equipment (Vencomatic, Van Gent), egg collection and handling equipment (Prinzen), and climate solutions (Agro Supply). And we don’t stop there, discover how Meggsius powers precision farming and gives us the opportunity to help our customers even further, reaching the maximum potential out of every bird, every flock every farm.


What you can expect to find at our booth

Breeder housing:

  • Van Gent , world’s #1 wooden community nest
  • Veranda Breeder, the multitier group housing system, for natural breeding conditions.


Climate solutions