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Steering the Future: ANDRITZ’s Vision for a Sustainable MEA Region

In the Middle East and Africa (MEA), understanding and delivering tailored solutions is crucial. ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel has consistently risen to this challenge, offering more than just equipment. They guide customers from initial design through to completion and beyond. Their focus on MEA’s specific needs and their progress in the feed and biofuel sectors showcase their expertise. With innovative tools like Metris Vibe and a commitment to sustainability, ANDRITZ is making significant strides, setting new standards in the industry.

A Legacy of Global Excellence with Local Know-how


Given the strategic importance of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel has smartly positioned itself with a robust on-ground presence. Their commitment to Africa is reflected through a dedicated management team, and their Middle East operations are strengthened by a direct sales force of experts rooted in the region itself. With significant hubs in Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, Kenya, and Pakistan, ANDRITZ maintains a seamless connection with the region’s diverse markets.

In the Middle East’s industrial sector, ANDRITZ is known for providing complete plant solutions. Their expertise goes beyond equipment supply; they work closely with customers from design to construction, and through maintenance and commissioning. This hands-on approach ensures consistent customer support at every phase of a project.

Similarly, in Africa, there’s a need for dependable, high-quality machinery. Beyond equipment, there’s an imperative for solutions that are user-centric and maintenance-friendly, acknowledging the unique operational conditions of the African continent.

“ANDRITZ has always prioritized a comprehensive solution approach. We’re not just about supplying machinery; it’s about providing holistic, turnkey plant solutions globally across our industries,” explains Qais Haddadin, Regional Director MEA, at ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ’s Advanced Technologies in Feed and Biofuel


Drawing from their vast experience, ANDRITZ has cultivated an extensive understanding of the MEA market’s intricacies. A key element of their offering is their machinery’s consistent performance and efficiency. By emphasizing regular and structured maintenance, ANDRITZ aims to provide their customers with high operational uptime, even in challenging environments.

The core idea is simple: optimal operations are feasible when they are anchored in the reliability and dependability of equipment and solutions. And at ANDRITZ, they ensure that their complete plant solutions are the gold standard in both aspects.

“Customers today aren’t just seeking machinery; they’re seeking partners. At ANDRITZ, we’ve always believed in accompanying our customers at every step — from the initial planning to the final commissioning. Our complete plant solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the MEA region, ensuring that our customers can confidently navigate their operational challenges with reliable equipment and our unwavering support,” adds Qais.

Taking a closer look at the animal feed and fuel business, ANDRITZ’s offerings encompass advanced processing technologies. They cater to animal feed production, aqua feed, pet food, and a biofuel industry. The latter specifically deals with pelleting of biomass, wood, and waste materials.

“Our history spans over 186 years in processing. This depth of experience isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to our commitment and expertise, making us uniquely positioned to deliver robust processes,” says Qais. He further expressed their ambition to introduce and extend their wide array of processing technologies to Africa and the Middle East.


ANDRITZ’s Modular Plant Solutions: From Vision to Feed Seamlessly


Expanding on its vision for the MEA region, ANDRITZ has developed modular plant solutions that embody flexibility, efficiency, and rapid deployment. These solutions are meticulously designed to cater to the evolving demands of the feed and biofuel sectors in this region. The modular design allows for a scalable approach, enabling customers to expand their operations as market demands grow, without incurring hindering costs or facing extensive downtime. With a focus on sustainable operation, these modular solutions also incorporate advanced technologies to optimize resource utilization and minimize environmental impact.

The inherent flexibility of the modular design, paired with ANDRITZ’s comprehensive support, empowers businesses in the MEA region to respond swiftly to market opportunities while maintaining a sustainable, efficient operational backbone. Through these innovations, ANDRITZ continues to foster a collaborative, forward-thinking partnership with its customers, reinforcing its commitment to driving sustainable industrial advancements in the MEA region.


Metris Vibe: Revolutionizing Remote Operations


While the foundation of ANDRITZ is robust with a rich legacy, what also sets them apart is their forward-looking technology, notably Metris Vibe. This cutting-edge technology enables remote operation of plants, facilitating optimal plant functioning. Beyond just aiding in operations, Metris Vibe plays a crucial role in early detection of issues such as vibration or power consumption anomalies. This shift in approach allows customers to focus less on capital expenditure (CapEx) and more on operational expenditure (OpEx), all while ANDRITZ guarantees that the plant’s output aligns with the stipulated business goals.


“We see a future where our customers aren’t burdened by the initial costs. Instead, with our resource-efficient, complete plant solutions and advanced technologies like Metris Vibe, our customers can focus on operational expenditure, while we ensure the results align with their business ambitions,” Qais highlights.


ANDRITZ’s Vision for the Future of MEA


On sustainability, a buzzword that resonates deeply in today’s industries, ANDRITZ is not lagging. The company is channeling significant investments into developing technologies that promise lower energy usage. By optimizing processes, they are championing the smarter utilization of raw materials.

He explains, “In the feed milling sector, for instance, our approach revolves around minimizing waste – be it power or heat. Our focus is adamant – more efficient pelletizing, extrusion, drying, sifting, and grinding.”

Moreover, the company has intensified its efforts on extruded products. These are typically reserved for aqua feed and pet food production. A notable innovation from ANDRITZ was the micro feed system, an award-winning solution that escalates output by a whopping 50% without amplifying power consumption.

Given the early stage of development in the animal feed industry in the MEA region, ANDRITZ’s role becomes even more pivotal. Their extensive global footprint empowers them to bring in advanced yet cost-effective solutions. These are vital for streamlining operations, and most importantly, ensuring profitability remains unhindered.

“Our vision for the future in the MEA region revolves around reducing reliance on imports from Europe or Asia. We aim to establish a fortified local presence, offering solutions tailored for this region. Empowerment is at the core of our strategy, driving the region towards self-reliance and progress,” Qais confidently shares.

Concluding on a note of growth and regional commitment, ANDRITZ is not merely looking at business expansion; they envision a greener, sustainable, and technologically advanced MEA region. Their journey thus far signals promise, and with their strategies in place, they’re poised to become an even more significant catalyst for positive change and development.