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Agriventures Group

The story of Agriventures Group reads like an adventure book….

The company was founded by Mr. Niels Smid and Mr. Jeroen Simons in the beginning of 2021. These two young men thought it was a good idea to start in the middle of the Corona crisis. And actually….it was!

Agriventures Group


Both having an extensive background in the agriculture, agritech and investment sectors, they saw the right opportunities arising in the international agricultural sector. Thanks to being active for many years in the Middle-East and Africa they feel at home in these regions and have built a network to rely on.


Within 2,5 years they build a company covering three activities: Agriventures Consultancy, Agriventures Companies and Agriventures Capital. The team and network of Agriventures Group consists of professionals with years of experience in the agricultural value chain. As their headquarter is located in the Netherlands they can easily make use of the extensive knowledge available in this country, which is well-known for its AgriFood specialism.

We find it important to have short lines of communication and a fun-to-work culture within our companies and participations while being focused on market opportunities and challenges…

Jeroen Simons

Managing Partner, Agriventures Group

…and the VIV MEA exhibition certainly contributes to the expression of these values combining great networking possibilities and many events to choose from in the evening hours with our teams and customers

Niels Smid

Managing Partner, Agriventures Group

Visit them at VIV MEA 2023

Have you become curious to learn more about Agriventures Group? Visit them at their booth!

During the VIV MEA exhibition, Agriventures Group will participate with two companies: OrangeMills and Prenimal Holland.

Underneath you will find the novelties that these companies will present during the exhibition.


OrangeMills BV

In September 2023 Agriventures Group launched OrangeMills, which is a GMP+ FSA certified company specialized in providing high-quality animal nutrition solutions for a wide range of species and challenges. With decades of experience combined and a team of expert nutritionists, OrangeMills is dedicated to enhancing animal health, welfare and performance.

From Protein concentrates that are the missing puzzle piece in your feed, to MacroMix and PreMix formulations that deliver optimal nutrition, their range addresses every market situation. But they don’t stop there – their Feed Additives (OrangePerform, OrangeBind and OrangeProtect), Physiological stabilizers (Eubiox range), and Young Animal Feeds (OrangeStart Prestarter feeds and OrangeLac calf milk replacers) ensure that every specific challenge and life stage is approached with precision, in order to boost performance.


When you choose OrangeMills, you’re choosing a partnership that goes beyond transactions. OrangeMills interested in your success and the well-being and performance of your production animals. Their dedicated team is here to provide guidance, support, and expertise every step of the way.

Prenimal Holland BV

In 2021 Agriventures Group became involved as management consultancy within the company Prequine which quickly got a new name: Prenimal Holland BV. This was more suitable because of the foreseen expansion to more animal species.


The company Prequine started almost 25 years ago with complementary feeds and supplements for racing horses and racing camels and is located in the Netherlands (Holland). Since the involvement of Agriventures Group it has now a full portfolio covering complementary feeds, supplements and veterinary medicines for racing horses, racing camels, ruminants, poultry as well as pets. This is branded under the product labels Prequine, Prerumi, Prechick and Prepet. Additionally Prenimal Holland BV has also a wholesale division which is licensed to distribute veterinary medicines from other high-quality European manufacturers.


In 2022 the company opened, next to the location in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands (Holland) a second location in the Sohar freezone in Oman. This enables Prenimal Holland BV to improve the delivery times to its distributors in the Middle-East with fast LCL shipments. The next advantage is that, by having Prenimal products on stock in Sohar, the company is able to quickly respond to demand changes in specific countries in the region. 

The company grew between 2021 and 2022 significantly in turnover. We are safe to say that this growth was also thanks to an extremely successful VIV MEA exhibition in 2021, when the company attended for its first time presenting the new company name and it’s renewed portfolio and packaging. Smid explains: ‘’We quickly got in contact with the right parties for our distribution in the Gulf area during this exhibition. The investment of a custom booth, to stand out of the crowd, proved to be a good one and is something we definitely can recommend to other parties who are considering to join the VIV MEA’’!

During the upcoming VIV MEA edition Prenimal Holland BV will present the following novelties:

  • Prenimal injectables
  • Further extension of their Prepet, Prequine and Prechick portfolio’s.