Clever solutions to make egg and poultry farms future-proof

Big Dutchman is the world’s leading equipment supplier for modern egg and poultry production. Their history dates back to 1938. Back then the company founders invented the world’s first automatic feeding system. Today the company’s product range includes traditional and computer-controlled feeding and housing equipment as well as systems for climate control and exhaust air treatment. “The scope varies from small to large farms and even up to fully integrated turn-key solutions. Big Dutchman offers its customers all options – from the planning to the commissioning”, thus Big Dutchman.

What will Big Dutchman show the VIV MEA visitor? “The wide range of products like clever innovations, housing concepts and other solutions egg and poultry farm managers can use to make their farms future-proof”, the company explains.

As new laws come into force Big Dutchman also focuses on residue treatment. “Big Dutchman offers a wide range of products that help customers to reduce their residues. Supporting our customers who face this new challenge is important to us.”