Feed ingredients that protect animal health and enhance productivity

Impextraco develops and produces feed ingredients that protect animal health and enhance productivity. Their goal is to deliver cost efficient solutions that protect animals and optimize their performance while respecting animal welfare and sustainability.
Impextraco supplies a wide range of products, from specialty additives with customized technical support by their specialty department to single feed ingredients.

As always Impextraco is present at VIV MEA. “We take the opportunity to roll out our latest innovations into the Middle East”, says Marketing Manager Bram Vranckx. “This time we are proud to shed light on a 100% natural solution helping our customers improving quantitatively and qualitatively meat output. ELIFE tackles cellular oxidative stress leading to a better feed conversion as well as a better meat color, drip loss and thus shelf life.”

With their worldwide presence and offices in Belgium, China, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria Impextraco strives to be as close to their customers as possible. “Our responsibility as feed additive manufacturer and supplier is to ensure our solutions and users offer animal proteins of the highest quality and in enough quantity”, Vranckx explains.
In the last decade farmers had to manage many unforeseen issues such as high raw material costs, diseases as well as an ever growing demand for more and more animal proteins, the Middle East and North Africa have an average annual growth rate of 1.56% and has one of the world’s most rapidly expanding populations. “At Impextraco, we have been developing solutions to help with the different aforementioned challenges, solutions that play key roles from a nutritional point of view, solutions protecting feed and animals alike as well as natural solutions helping producing more high quality meat (pH and color), better dressing percentage and lower drip losses.”