Holland Inspiration Seminar


Sustainable and profitable livestock farming


Future city design is changing rapidly. The climate change, fresh air, space and social interaction has huge impact on future infrastructural design of our cities.

In our opinion, we need to integrate healthy food production (Farming) into these new, liveable city concepts. The current way of food production far from our cities has lead to transport pollution, quality dropdown and un-awareness on the importance of food on personal- and city health amongst a large audience. Transforming these cities needs a new way of thinking and Transfarmation.

That means: short production and delivery chains, awareness on healthy food, finding space inside densely populated cities and climate adaptive building on the water with Floating Farms as a sustainable, circular and fixed new element in city design.

The first Floating dairy farm is located in the sea harbour of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. CEO Peter van Wingerden will tell about the idea of keeping dairy cattle in an urban area and how they manage to run this business profitably in a sustainable way.