Jointly organized by Middle East Agrifood Publishers (MEAP), WATT Global Media and VIV, the PMRT conference focused on crisis management and attracted leading poultry producers and experts from across the region. In a first for VIV MEA, participants and speakers joined the event both in person and remotely.
Here you can find short videos covering various sections of the conference and gain insight on the topic and speaker of your choice. 

Opening session – the organizers

Opening Session – Sheikh Hamed Bin Butti

Opening Session – The Farmers Importance

Opening Session – Mr. Louis Lahoud – Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture

The Chairs of the Round Table

Keynote Speakers – Nadim Khouri

Keynote speakers – Kate Hartley

Keynote speakers- Nan Dirk Mulder

Keynote speakers – Antoine Sayegh

The Chairs words – William Boutros

The Chairs Words – Tony Freijeh

The Chairs words- Turky Al Thunayyan

Debate – Part 1

Closing ceremony

Debate – Part 2