The network for aspiring dairy farmers and industry experts

Global Dairy Farmers is a global network of ambitious dairy farmers that is established in 2006. Together with other leading experts in different fields related to dairy and key-stakeholders from around the globe they exchange knowledge, experience and business opportunities. “Are you and do you want to meet innovative, cross-thinking entrepreneurs? Getting to know people from different continents who pursue different corporate strategies, but who all drive one thing: to produce milk successfully and feed the growing population worldwide? Then Global Dairy Farmers, the network for aspiring dairy farmers and industry experts is there for you”, says dairy farmer Ad van Velde.  

Global Dairy Farmers is the only network where you can find dairy farmers that come from different countries, currently more than 70 farmers from all over the world are member of the GDF. Farmers from New Zealand, Kuwait, Germany and Brazil, just to name a few. Each with their own success story and valuable learnings. It is a place to openly discuss challenges and opportunities on farm level as well as on regional and global level. The organisation organizes different kind of events during the year where farmers can  meet each other, one of the places where you can get in touch with GDF is VIV MEA.

What to expect at the Global Dairy Farmers-booth at VIV MEA? “On the one hand market trends that are of impact either directly or indirectly for dairy producers and their partners. On the other hand hands-on advice from our successful GDfarmers and GDF partner expertise”, tells Van Velde.