Poultry Marketing Round Table
By MEAP, WATT Global Media and VIV


DateTuesday, 10 March, 2020 
Venue: ADNEC, Capital Suite 21
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Organizers: MEAP, WATT Global Media, VIV
Speakers: Dr. Mona Mehrez Aly, Mr. Tony Sleiman Freiji, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Wadi Group (Egypt), Mr. Amre Aly El Saied, CEO, Tiba Poultry Grandparents, Jenny Edmondson, Independent Communications Specialist, Kate Hartley, Co-founder, Polpeo.

Sponsors: Al Effat Trading, Victoria Incubators
Contact: Mark Clements, MClements@wattglobal.com
Ghassan Sayegh, editing@meap.net




Poultry Marketing: The Legislator’s point of view, by Dr. Mona Mehrez Aly (tentative topic)

Poultry Marketing: The Farmer’s point of view, by Mr. Tony Sleiman Freiji, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Wadi Group (Egypt) (tentative topic) 

Poultry Marketing: The Dealer’s point of view, by Mr. Amre Aly El Saied, CEO, Tiba Poultry Grandparents (tentative topic)

How to achieve successful PR and Marketing, by Jenny Edmondson, Independent Communications Specialist

The basic principles of crisis management, by Kate Hartley Co-founder, Polpeo 

Speaker: Dr. Mona Mehrez Aly
Poultry Marketing: The Legislator’s point of view
Dr. Mona Mehrez Aly is the Former Vice-Minister of Livestock, Fisheries, and Poultry Resources for Egypt. She is a world-renown leader in animal health, pathology, and food safety. Prior to her appointment, she served as the Agriculture Minister-Counsellor and Head of Agriculture Office for the Embassy of Egypt in Washington DC and as the Director of the Agriculture Research Center for Production in Egypt. At the Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI), she first led the Tumor and Immuno-suppression Unit before becoming the Deputy Director. Dr. Aly is a member of several high-level panels such as the High-Level Panel of Experts (HLP) on food security and nutrition at FAO, the Supreme Committee for combating Avian Influence (AI) disease in Egypt, and the Education Committee of Veterinary Medicine College. She is an expert with the World Health Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) in Avian Influence (AI) disease and also provides her in-depth knowledge of animal health research for the Arab Organization for Agriculture Development.

Dr. Aly has received numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to science, including certifications and awards from the National Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the Magazine of Scientific Agriculture, the FAO, and the Arab Organization for Agriculture Development for Animal Health Research. In addition, Dr. Aly has established seven accredited Satellite Veterinary Laboratories for poultry disease diagnosis across Egypt. One such laboratory in Luxor was recognized by the First Lady of Egypt. Dr. Aly holds a PhD, Masters, and BSc from the University of Egypt in Cairo. 

Speaker: Mr. Tony Sleiman Freiji
Poultry Marketing: The Farmer’s point of view

Mr. Tony Sleiman Freiji is a Lebanese agro-industrial magnate and a leading player in the regional poultry, agriculture, logistics and allied industries. He is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Wadi Group (Egypt), and co-founder and board member of Inmaa (Sudan), and Tanmia (Lebanon). Businesses under his leadership encompass 22 companies and employ over 4000 people.

Freiji inherited an ethos of hard work, resourcefulness and giving back to the community from his family, kick starting a lifelong passion for bringing the best out of people and innovating simple solutions for big problems, which was instrumental to growing his business from the first layer chick to the agro-industrial powerhouse it has become today.

Under his leadership, Wadi Group expanded beyond their state of the art poultry integrations to poultry and animal feed, large scale olive farming in the desert, container glass manufacturing, a grain handling port terminal, environmental cooling systems and virus free air solutions for confined farming.

One can call Freiji a businessman or an industrialist, yet he proudly calls himself a “simple farmer”, and continues to cherish both his upbringing and education at FAFS as the foundations for his success. 

speaker: Mr. Amre Aly El Saied
Poultry Marketing: The Dealer’s point of view

Mr. El Saied is known in his region as the marketing wizard. He worked for El Riyadh National Bank as a coordinator in credit management and after that at Kahromic as a Translator. Mr. El Saied worked for 10 years at Cairo poultry Group as a Marketing Manager and for 8 years as Assistant of a General Manager for Cairo poultry Grandparents Group. And now, he is the CEO of TIBA POULTRY GRANDPARENTS and Indian River distributor in Egypt and the Middle East.


speaker: Jenny Edmondson
How to achieve successful PR and Marketing

Understanding the changing trends in audience habits and media consumption in fast-moving environments, is a major challenge for any organization, however big or small. Drawing on some of her experiences from a private company probiotic launch, to working with high-profile leaders involved in the business of sport, Jenny Edmondson will share strategic and practical ways of pinpointing opportunities – often sitting in plain sight – and engaging audiences.

Jenny Edmondson has worked with international organizations and government bodies at the highest levels, as well as with start-ups. Jenny served as the Head of Communications & PR for a private company, taking a probiotic from commercial launch to around $2 million in sales, within 6 months. Skilled in both consumer-facing and multi-channel PR and marketing, Jenny uses tactical communication techniques and creativity to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

Jenny has lived in many countries around the world and has enjoyed a 30-year communications career spanning technology, consumer lifestyle, leadership coaching, healthcare, and the business of sport. Jenny Edmondson, Independent Communications Specialist.


speaker: Kate Hartley
The basic principles of crisis management 

From salmonella outbreaks to targeted campaigns from climate change activists, a crisis can have a sudden and dramatic negative impact on your business. In an environment where everyone has a voice on social media, it has never been more important to prepare for a crisis. Kate’s talk will outline the fundamental principles of good crisis management, from strong leadership to clear and transparent communications.

Kate Hartley is the co-founder of Polpeo (www.polpeo.com), a crisis simulation company that helps some of the biggest brands in the world prepare to deal with a crisis as it breaks and spreads over social and digital media. She is the author of ‘Communicate in a Crisis’ (Kogan Page, 2019), a book that explores the changing way people behave in crisis situations, and how organisations respond. 

Kate has 25 years’ agency-side experience in crisis and reputation management and corporate PR, and is a trainer in crisis communications for the PRCA, the UK’s PR industry association. She has spoken at and run workshops on the impact of social media on crisis management at international events including SXSW, The Global PR Summit, PR Week’s Crisis Comms, and Social Media Today’s Social Shake Up. She is a member of the CIPR and the PRCA, and sits on the PRCA’s digital steering committee which is designed to shape digital best practice in the PR industry. 




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