Holland Inspiration Seminar


Sustainable and profitable livestock farming


Paul de Schouwer

We help to make hatcheries futureproof today

The poultry industry is constantly adapting to new circumstances. The recent challenges are to reduce operational labor demands, increase of use of data as an effective management tool, and the continued constraints on the use of antibiotics.  These initiatives are taking place throughtout the world and will continue to be a focal point for every poultry company.

In all countries, we see the scale of production increasing as the demand for poultry as an afordable protein leads the way.  In order to optimize the overall production processes the need for effective data collection becomes a paramount objective.  Another critical aspect, especially for larger poultry companies, is the level of good hygiene and effective cross-contamination controls.  If consistent high quality product is desired, good hygiene standards can not be just an option.

Innovatec is well equiped, with innovative systems and bio-security expertise, to partner with hatcheries in the areas of operational labor reduction, efficient data collection, and programs targeted at improving the health of the hatchery.  Innovatec has been supporting hatchery customers around the world for more than 25 years, in over 60 countries, with cutting-edge mechanization and process automation.  In order to further increase the level of support to its’ customers innovatec will be openning branch offices in Asia and USA.

With live embryo “heartbeat” technology that is offered by Innovatec today, the traditional two-stage hatching process can be further evaluated. Up till now, the hatching process was split with 18-19 days in the incubator (1st stage), and 3 days in the hatch machine (2nd stage). Along with the introduction of the CLEANchick™, non-contact live embryo detection.  Innovatec is excited to introduce fo the industry to the upgraded CLEANchick with accurate detection at 9-day, yet another effective tool for the hatchery. 

Immediately after CLEANchick Machine is the coveted Exploder Remover System, specifically designed to reduce the negative impact of contamination from moving downstream in the process.  The ERS System removes dead eggs directly from the setter tray under high vacuum, inside a sealed cabinet, capturing air-borne pathogens in the process, further reducing the risks of bacteria and mold from negatively effecting hatch and overall chick quality. 

Furthermore, Innovatec recently launched the Ultimate In-Ovo Device, completing the most advanced Candling and Transfer line of equipment available anywhere in the world.